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Welcome to The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Centre

Welcome to The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Centre

The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Centre is one of the longest established specialist centres within its field in the UK. We have carried out over 15,000 procedures on the foot and ankle and now attract patients worldwide. There is a growing demand for cosmetic surgery in the UK and this includes cosmetic foot surgery.

We offer a wide range of foot surgical procedures, and we focus on selecting the most advanced surgical treatments from around the world to give the best post-operative results. Foot surgery is a highly complex field and requires a complete understanding of biomechanical function and anatomy, which is taught throughout the 11 years of podiatric surgical training.

Most foot deformities not only cause patients discomfort and pain but are often unsightly and cause embarrassment. The feet are certainly no less deserving of cosmetic attention than any other part of the body. However we do not endorse extreme surgical procedures used purely to fit feet into narrower shoes. We need to be convinced that the deformity and lifestyle restrictions of a patient warrant the trauma of surgery.

Many patients complain of bunions, overlong or bent (hammer) toes and a variety of unsightly lumps and bumps. These conditions can be dealt with easily by surgery under a general or local anaesthetic on a day-case basis with good post-operative results.

"Patients are becoming more demanding - and quite rightly!  They no longer just want reconstructive surgery to eliminate a deformity and pain, they want it to be aesthetically pleasing too" JH

Our lead Consultant Podiatrist Mr Jason Hargrave has over 18 years within the specialist podiatric foot and ankle surgery field and has worked in both the NHS and private sector. You can meet him for a consultation at our newly refurbished centre on Harley Street where our highly experienced nurses are also on hand for advice and help.

Foot surgery is carried out at the new luxurious BMI Weymouth hospital (see the link at the top of the page) and our aim is to care for you to the highest possible standard and listen to your needs as well as ensuring you are given the correct support and advice to aid the best post-operative results.

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